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Let’s talk lamb!

Because why not?

What is the best kind of meat? It depends on where you are. If you’re in Alberta, for example, lamb might not be your first answer. Growing up in Ireland, on a sheep farm that choice came naturally. In my youth, lamb was a common ingredient on our table. Alberta lamb is an ever-growing choice for people to feed their families today.

Lamb is an ancient food, and it’s a protein with a rich history. If you want to feed your family the best meat available today while supporting local farmers, choose lamb. Whether you’re looking for chops or the “king of meat” the lamb rack (Probably one of the most known lamb cuts and rightly so for its wonderful taste and presentation). Lamb is used by many chefs on their menus around the world.

Lamb used to be the staple of human diets in Europe and Asia Minor because it was plentiful, requiring far less space than cattle or pigs. The history behind this protein source goes back to ancient times when sheep were domesticated by early humans in Mesopotamia around 9500 BC. Lamb has been called “the other white meat” for its leaner qualities that make it an excellent choice if you’re trying to cut down on fatty foods like beef. And while there is no guarantee that lamb will always be available due to changing consumer preferences, one thing is certain – demand for this delicacy isn’t going away anytime soon!

But maybe one reason why people love lamb is that they can find locally raised lamb direct from the farm or butcher shop near them. Local chefs have found that using local lamb brings out more flavours than anything else they’ve tried before! They also know that buying from small farms means better animal care practices since these animals aren’t shipped long distances to slaughterhouses like some meats are. Another big plus about eating locally sourced meats is knowing where your food came from – you can trace its origins back to the farm where it was raised.

Although it’s awesome going to great restaurants to enjoy lamb and having the chef create wonderful flavours. Why not try something new in your own kitchen, there are plenty of options for everyone. How do you cook your perfect roast leg with a mint sauce recipe?

What’s better than cutting into a juicy, flavorful lamb with friends and well…..your favourite glass of red. Don’t want to get fancy then let us do the cooking with one of our meal kits. Recipes are also available on our website with the juiciest selection of lamb cuts to take home or deliver to you weekly.

The world is changing and so are people’s diets. If you’re looking for meat that’s tasty, delicious and local with a large celebrity following then lamb might just be right up your alley! Lamb has been on my menu since I was growing up in Ireland– it seems like everyone there loves their lamb chops or racks – but now more than ever this protein-packed food is gaining popularity here in Alberta as well. Let us know if you want help getting started with incorporating some of these amazing flavours into your kitchen!


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