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Premium Alberta Lamb from Farm to Fork!

What happens when two chefs come together to raise sheep? You get the best tasting Lamb available in Alberta. Ray and Nancy Nolan are professional chefs by trade who have prepared many delicious dishes for customers of high end establishments like the Dorchester Hotel in London England, the Intercontinental Hotel in Toronto, and Hyatt Regency Hotel in Calgary. They know what good lamb should taste like!

You can purchase whole lamb or individual cuts of lamb directly from the farm.  Pick up or delivery is available. You can also find Lambtastic Farms Lamb in high end restaurants and grocery stores throughout Alberta

Lambtastic Farms has a Special Recipe to
Raise Premium Lamb:

Flocks are fed alfalfa, mixed hay & grain rations that are planted and harvested by the chef/owners themselves. They are permitted to roam Southern Alberta's spacious fields to feed on natural grasslands and sparkling waters. Lamb is only processed when it has reached the age where the meat is most the flavorful.

Following sound management and ethical practices, Lambtastic Farms offers the most tender and succulent lamb available! Lambtastic Farms is here to serve you 12 months of the year.