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Lamb - Leg Bones Only

Lamb - Leg Bones Only


Dogs can eat lamb bones—if raw and uncooked. Lamb bones can help clean your dog’s teeth and strengthen their jaws. Raw bones also contain essential vitamins and minerals for your dog’s diet, like calcium and phosphorus. Lamb bones are meaty bones strictly for gnawing, like pork bones or beef bones.

Lamb meat is good for your dog’s immune system and is packed with essential amino acids. 


Price is per pound


Delivery options vary from on farm pick up or doorstep delivery to Calgary every Thursday. The Cut off for ordering is Monday for the same week delivery.

Delivery throughout Alberta will be approx 10days. You will recieve a email confirmation to confirm.


Lambtastic's high ethical standards ensure all livestock are raised in a healthy environment. They are raised without the use of hormones or animal by-product feeds. Nutrition plays a major role in the well-being of the flock.

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